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AxisWorks LLC / Custom Rifles  / What to look for in a custom rifle build

What to look for in a custom rifle build

Do you know what to look for in a custom rifle build?

Rarely will you want to walk into a store and pull a rifle off the shelf and have it be ready for what you want to use it for. Avid long-range shooters, hunters and precision rifle enthusiasts put months or years into budgeting and planning a custom rifle build and likely know what to look for in the process, do you?

Whether you are planning on updating your collection of custom rifles or are a newbie in the field, it is never too late, and you are never too experienced to learn new things about custom rifles, especially when it comes to what to look for in a custom rifle build.

After you decide the main purpose of your custom rifle and learn how to choose a custom rifle builder, here are some additional things to look for in your build.


If your builder doesn’t get it right to begin with, no doubt you will be making fixes down the road. That’s why precision is key when it comes to what to look for in a custom rifle build. Errors on precision on rifles can cost you frustration and money over time, so finding a builder who values precision is an important part of your build.

High Quality

Plan to include aftermarket products in your build. These tend to offer a higher quality and lend themselves well to long-term precision and accuracy. A gunsmith, such as those at AxisWorks, can help you fit and customize your components.

Consistency & Accuracy

The more consistent the gun shoots and feels will have an impact on your accuracy over time. The accuracy of the rifle matters greatly, no matter the purpose. It is a factor which is important for hunters since the accuracy of a rifle is based on the distance it can shoot and how many shots in a group it can do under one inch of measure. For our custom rifle builds, we consider this factor mainly because we want the best results for our shooters.

 Now That You Know What To Look For In A Custom Rifle Build…

…are you ready to get started? Whether you are looking to fine tune your rifle or a full-blown custom build, AxisWorks in Tempe, AZ specializes in gunsmithing and custom rifles. Call us at (480) 318-0188 for a quote today.

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