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AxisWorks LLC / Custom Rifles  / Quick Start Guide to Selecting Custom Rifle Components

Quick Start Guide to Selecting Custom Rifle Components

Here is your quick start guide to selecting custom rifle components. Whether you are looking to do your first build or are beginning to plan and budget for one, there are a few key places that you will want to start.

When it comes to custom rifles, there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” option. First of all, decide if you will be using your rifle for competition, hunting, target practice or long-range shooting. Those factors will play a huge part in selecting custom rifle components.

Tips For Selecting Custom Rifle Components

Look for easy to work with brands, such as Remington that are also compatible with many other brand components and are easy to upgrade later on if you decide to do so.

You will also want to select the stock, action, barrel and sights when planning your custom rifle build.

What to consider when selecting your custom rifle components:

  • Decide what size bullets will be used — this will determine many of the components for your build. Obviously if you are hunting big game, don’t go for a smaller caliber cartridge.
  • Decide on the action. At AxisWorks, we specialize in precision bolt action rifles, but can work with any action you choose, depending on your goals.
  • Decide on the barrel. The barrel is one of the most crucial components of the gun as it mainly affects how precise your shooting will be. Invest in a top-quality barrel especially if you are planning on using your custom rifle for a long term.
  • Select a stock compatible with the other components of the rifle.
  • Plan & budget — builds take time, so budget and plan accordingly.

Some other things to consider when selecting your custom rifle components:


In terms of power, gunsmiths suggest that less power will give you a better and more accurate shot. Another aspect you should consider is definitely the weight of the rifle based on your experience with handling guns. As a matter of fact, lighter rifles might be more ergonomic, however, they are more difficult to keep stable while shooting.

Experienced Builder

Moreover, when it comes to building a custom rifle you should always refer to professional and reliable gunsmiths, like those at AxisWorks, who will certainly be able to guide you through all the steps and direct you towards the best custom rifle that will satisfy your needs.

Now That You Know How To Go About Selecting Custom Rifle Components…

…at AxisWorks, we stock only the highest quality rifle components for your build. Ready to get started on your next project? Call us at (480) 318-0188 for a quote today.

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